RadarOpus - Academy - Beginners course

Learn how to use RadarOpus and practice homeopathy in fast and simple steps.

Getting Started - Part One

Learn the basic layout of RadarOpus. How to locate and choose repertories and materia medicas + search for specific remedies.

Getting Started - Part Two

How to locate rubrics in the repertory, search for them using the search feature + conduct a simple repertorization using RadarOpus.

Getting Started - Part Three

How to complete a case analysis, use the built-in materia medica to support your repertorization findings + save and recall a case.

Quick Start Video 1 - Drag and drop rubrics

Learn how to find rubrics, add them to a clipboard and save. Grasp the basics quickly with these first simple steps to mastering RadarOpus!

Quick Start Video 2 - Search Function

Learn how to use the Search Function to find and add rubrics to a Clipboard like a Pro!

Quick Start Video 3 - Create and Save a Patient File

This Quick Start Video will show you how to create and save your Patient's consultation notes and Analyses all in one secure location.