RadarOpus - Expert course

Learn expert RadarOpus tools and tips - for more experienced homeopaths.

In-depth guide to our unique Graphic Analysis

Use the RadarOpus Graphic Analysis to create a Boenninghausen-style repertorisation.

Search for a Pathology / Case pathology

Learn how to search in RadarOpus documents within whole chapters or paragraphs about a certain pathology.

RadarOpus: How to create a Startup book mix

Learn how to create and save your preferred documents so that RadarOpus automatically loads them for you.

Create Custom Rubrics in RadarOpus

Learn how to turn any materia medica source into a custom rubric. With this technique, you will never miss a small remedy again!

Adding a remedy to Synthesis including source information

Source information is linked to Synthesis in a bidirectional way: also the MM symptom shows you to which Synthesis symptom(s) this text has been added.

Using Families & Grouping Rubrics on the fly in RadarOpus

Learn how to use the cross references to group rubrics to cast a wider net in search of remedies that are not usually considered by a conventional repertorisation.