RadarOpus - Modules

Customise your workflow and get better results using modules from Vithoulkas, Frei, Vervarcke and many more!

Vithoulkas Expert System Training

This 80 minute Webinar will give you a very practical grounding in using the VES Module in RadarOpus. With case examples, user tips and a guide to the do's and dont's, you will learn more about this most advanced analysis module.

Heiner Frei – Polarity Analysis

This tutorial shows how to use Heiner Frei's groundbreaking Polarity Analysis Module in RadarOpus!

Dr Filip Degroote - Energetic Remedy Picture; a beautiful graphic module

Displays a physiological map of the energetic disturbance of 1.300 remedies! This video shows the content of the Energetic Bundle of Dr Filip Degroote and where to find them in the homeopathic software RadarOpus.

How to use the Ortega Module inside RadarOpus

Rubrics that are assigned a miasmatic tag are automatically organised into 4 clipboards representing Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis (and no tag)

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