RadarOpus - Patient file

Learn how to manage patient information and analyse clinical data with RadarOpus - your fully-fledged practice management tool.

Create and Save a Patient File

This Quick Start Video will show you how to create and save your Patient's consultation notes and Analyses all in one secure location.

Overview of the Patient file in RadarOpus

Learn how to

  • Create a new patient, or recall an existing patient
  • Save the symptom clipboards to the consultation
  • Evaluate the prescription
  • Research
  • and more

In-depth guide to the Patient File

Learn how to

  • Support your clinical practice.
  • Add, save and edit Consultations.
  • Tag symptoms and add intensity.
  • Enter the Prescription and evaluate the patient's response.

Auditing your patients in RadarOpus

Get an overview of your practice with our new visual charts which provide statistical feedback on patients, pathology and prescriptions.

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