Screenshot 2023-04-05 162107As a homeopathic veterinarian I am happy with conventional medicine in general. Modern medicine has many excellent insights, achievements and diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. In addition, it has become clear in practice, that a homeopathic treatment can be used purposefully and effectively, before intervention with conventional medicines is necessary. This has many advantages, including the absence of side effects, and the prevention of antibiotic resistance.

The use of antibiotics in animal farming should be reduced. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem in humans and animals and in order to reduce this resistance, it is necessary to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock farming. Simply stopping their use is not an option. In practice it has become clear that a homeopathic treatment can be used effectively for several disorders. Homeopathic remedies increase the self-healing capacity of the animal, allowing it to heal on its own. This reduces the use of antibiotics so they can be kept for those cases in which they are really needed.

If you search for information about homeopathy on the internet, you will soon encounter a lot of skepticism. Without taking sides, the editors of ‘Dairy cattle’ believe that they should adopt an open attitude in this respect. After all, it is a fact that the guidelines for the use of antibiotics will certainly not be expanded in future; it is more likely that rather even stricter guidelines will be discussed in the time to come. Therefore, taking alternatives into account is certainly appropriate.

Liesbeth Ellinger, Netherlands 2023


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