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Every time you add a new symptom, VES re-evaluates the whole case and gives you a completely new analysis.

"It has always been my purpose to contribute as much as possible to the art and science of homeopathy. Since I have used this program my success rate has increased from 70 – 85% to 95% depending on the pathology of the case. This is because the computer never makes a mistake. It always calculates accurately and takes all the criteria of case analysis into consideration"

Professor George Vithoulkas


VESVithoulkas Expert System (VES) intelligently combines different analysis strategies, giving priority to the smaller rubrics (as per Aphorism 153) as well as bringing out remedies based on the grading of your patient's symptoms (Keynotes approach). This often provides more satisfactory results than a flat repertorisation (using a simple counting method) because the Vithoulkas Expert System (VES) matches your grading of the patient’s symptoms with the grading in the Repertory.

The Making of the Vithoulkas Expert System (VES)

"The program was conceived and executed by the Namur University of Belgium led by Professor Fichefet. The preparatory work took seven years. For example, remedies were checked for their sources, their accuracy and rubrics updated from many other reliable sources. This work is ongoing to make Synthesis the most precise repertory available.

All of this work is now encoded into Vithoulkas Expert System (VES). It always calculates accurately and takes all the criteria of case analysis into consideration. Since this system was developed many complex cases have been brought to me that have been given many remedies. In desperation I studied these cases and thought there was perhaps no answer and that only a dismal existence of suffering was the fate of these patients.

On numerous occasions I put the symptoms into the computer and the VES would say: “Why not consider remedy ‘X’”. then something amazing would happen inside my mind as if lightning had struck and I realized the computer was finding possibilities I had not thought of before. This suggestion would then be further investigated and it would turn out to be the simillimum."

Professor George Vithoulkas.

"Words fail to describe the instruction, learning, precision and results the Vithoulkas System leads you to."

Andrew Ward, England

"[VES is]... an enormous stride forward in the arena of adapting computer Expert Systems to homeopathic case analysis."

Roger Morrison, USA

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