Homeopathy for Cattle, Goats and Sheep - Repertory 

  • A new Veterinary Repertory to help farmers use fewer anti-biotics in the treatment of Cattle, Goats and Sheep

    • A concise, easy to use symptom index, now available only in RadarOpus, in 6 different languages!

LiesbethEllinger-ForEnglishBook3 (1)This Repertory is the companion to the Materia Medica booklet - part of a course that is given to farmers, which teaches them how the contents of this booklet can be applied in practice.

It is becoming increasingly important to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal farming. This course is meant to be a help to that end and, considering the positive experiences of the participants, this is certainly possible.

This course is intended for farmers who are interested in homeopathy in order to enable them to treat simple chronic complaints or not too serious acute cases themselves, such as minor injuries or diarrhea. Often homeopathy can also offer a solution for disorders for which there is no solution in conventional veterinary medicine.
In this book I describe my own experiences with the application of homeopathic remedies and those of farmers who followed this course.
In this course the emphasis is on problems in dairy farming, but everything is also applicable to other animal species (unless otherwise indicated).

It is my experience that it leads to disappointing results if this booklet should be used without first taking a course given by an experienced homeopathic veterinarian.


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