RadarOpus - Diamond engine

Everything you will ever need and more!

  • Repertories
  • Find, take and analyze Repertory symptoms
  • Save, recall and print an analysis
  • Information about remedies by double clicking on the remedy
  • Search for a remedy in Repertories, References, Wikipedia, Google (images) by right clicking on the remedy
  • Symptom clipboards (12)
  • Analysis methods (minimum: sum of symptoms) (9)
  • Sort symptoms in analysis by homeopathic or alphabetical order, rubric size or intensity
  • Change an intensity from 0-10 for symptoms or add symptom qualification (eliminative - exclusive)
  • Repertory Views
  • Editing tools basic: import Synthesis additions from other RadarOpus users (import logfiles)
  • Editing tools basic: add existing remedies to existing Synthesis symptoms
  • Editing tools basic: export Synthesis additions by sending a logfile to other RadarOpus users
  • Editing tools advanced: make Repertory additions including source information
  • Hide remedies and family in the analysis
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  • References - Families - Concepts - Maps
  • Find and read symptoms in References
  • View images inside References
  • Free new documents with new RadarOpus releases
  • Add single documents to your package(s)
  • Free Maps (where applicable)
  • Use concepts, linked to Repertory symptoms (according to package purchased)
  • Use more than 5.500 families
  • Families function basic: use more than 5.500 families to limit or highlight in the analysis
  • Include Materia Medica symptoms in the analysis
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  • Patient Files(WinCHIP)
  • Create, edit, save and find patient files containing administration data, consultation text and analyses
  • Human and veterinary patient file
  • Additional administrative data (e.g. blood group)
  • Add multimedia to administrative data (unlimited)
  • Additional columns in patients' list: last consultation, remedy, potency
  • From within the patient file, contact the patient by phone, Skype or email (or group emails)
  • Create and print invoices or credit notes; congress function hiding patient name and address
  • Number of tags in the consultation text (unlimited)
  • Seach and show tagged symptoms in current or all consultations, apply and search for symptom intensity, show important symtoms or personal tags only
  • Add lab tests, vaccinations and certifications
  • In summary of consultations quick overview of Repertory symptoms used
  • Add photo, sound, video, PDF, Word, or any other files to any symptom
  • Evaluate remedy reaction: general, subjective, Glasgow pathology scale, reaction type, etc.
  • ICD-10 code for pathologies
  • Print the prescription
  • Add new values in pick lists, sort items, add new pick lists and set your default values in pick lists
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  • Search functions
  • Search words, remedies and families in all Repertories and References
  • Search in administrative patient data
  • Extract up to 10 remedies from Repertories and compare them (10)
  • Limit Repertory search to a user defined search area (e.g.: delusions and dreams)
  • Search in consultations, pathologies, prescriptions
  • Open several search windows (quickly compare different search results)
  • Search in all patient data
  • Save and recall patient queries and export the result to Excel (a CSV file)
  • Create a graph of the search result
  • Search text in current or in all consultations of current patient
  • Frequency-analysis of all patient queries
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  • Clificol
  • Upload cases to Clificol
  • Search cases in Clificol by remedies and pathologies
  • Search cases in Clificol by any (set of) criteria
  • Download a case as a PDF
  • Download a case as a PDF hiding the remedies (for teachers)
  • Manage a Clificol project (decide which users can collaborate, etc.)
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    feature comparison page!
  • General
  • 64 BIT compatibility (works with the Mac OS out in fall 2019)
  • True privacy implementations (GDPR and HIPAA)
  • Context-sensitive help (in different RO languages), integrated video clips
  • Engine LiveUpdate (including new implementations and improvements for your engine)
  • Backup and restore all personal information
  • Table of content lists for quick access to all Repertories, References, Patient files
  • Data LiveUpdate (including new documents and corrections based on your purchases)
  • Table of Content icon to access family and remedy information
  • Export information using screenshot, copy-paste or email
  • View previously used symptoms by using the back, forward or history icons
  • Zoom in or out
  • Embedded customized internet browser
  • Create, categorize, sort and search bookmarks
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    feature comparison page!