RadarOpus - Degroote’s Energetic Remedy Picture
Degroote’s Energetic Remedy Picture

A beautiful graphic module which displays a physiological map of the energetic disturbance of 1.300 remedies. A wonderful addition to the toolbox of practitioners who combine kinesiology, acupuncture or chiropractic alongside Homeopathy. A must for anyone using physical examination during the interview process.

Filip Degroote has a lifetime's experience investigating and confirming energetic pictures of remedies.

  • This module brings you the detailed energetic picture of more than 1.300 remedies!!
  • Repertory of Muscles, Nerves and Vertebrae included.
  • Available in a bundle with a Materia Medica guide.
  • Simply R-click on a remedy in the Analysis or Repertory to see the Energetic Picture.
  • Hypo- or hyper-tonicity of muscles are shown in green / red respectively.