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Heiner Frei’s Polarity Analysis

Repertorise the case with the strong and striking modalities to see remedy contraindications based on Boeninghausen's Polar symtpoms. Get extremely accurate results following Heiner Frei's unique method of working with the Therapeutic Pocketbook!

Polarity analysis (PA) is a development of Boenninghausen's concept of contraindications. It serves to determine in individual disease a healing probability for each homeopathic medicine in question. The method leads to an efficient and reproducible choice of remedy and increases the precision of prescriptions as compared to a conventional homeopathic procedure. Polarity analysis is based on Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook 1846, an exceedingly reliable repertory.

For the determination of a homeopathic remedy, the physician or therapist first needs to know the case history. It is then important to examine the patient and make a conventional medical diagnosis. Next the patients have to report their polar symptoms with the with the help of the Checklist for reliable Symptoms.

Polar symptoms are those with an opposite pole, such as thirst / thirstlessness, cold worse / cold better, desire for fresh air / dislike of fresh air. Most polar symptoms are modalities which, according to Organon § 153, are what is peculiar and characteristic to the disease. For repertorisation we primarily use only polar symptoms. If this does not yield a best-fitting remedy, we might decide to include other characteristic symptoms in the repertorisation. 

Dr. Heiner Frei