What’s New – Turkish Synthesis!

Synthesis has been translated into Turkish!
A dedicated team of Turkish homeopaths, guided by Çiğdem Turgay, has started this tantalus job in 2012. We are very grateful for their work that will be released with RadarOpus 2.2 (September 2019).
Çiğdem Turgay is a Founding member of the Organon Homeopathy Association and wrote the foreword to the Turkish translation (TR / EN).

Turkish is the eighth language in which Synthesis becomes available.
As usual, Turkish Synthesis users can view the repertory either in Turkish alone or display Turkish along with English.

In Turkey, homeopathy has been regulated since October 2014, by the “Traditional and Complementary Medicine Regulation”.
The Ministry of Health issued this regulation aiming to regulate and integrate 15 CAM-medicines in Turkish health care, as requested by the WHO.

We are proud that Synthesis is ready to be used by the Turkish homeopaths to contribute to better health of the Turkish people.

World Congress in Izmir

In June 2020, the LMHI,
the worldwide Federation of Homeopathic
Medical Associations, will host its
annual World Congress in Izmir.