Synthesis - Symptom notes - Apprehension


Delusions - danger; impression of

  • cf. Apprehension - Great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation/ realization of danger

  • Synonyms
    • fearfulness, dread, horror, panic, terror, trepidation
  • Alternative meaning
    • Seizing and holding by law
  • Antonyms
    • Comprehension, wisdom, calm, tranquillity

Situation / characterization

  • Danger could be perceived in many forms: strangers, thieves, infections, virus; any form of attack.
  • A person feeling apprehensive feels attacked from all corners, whether it comes from within or without, so there is fear of pain and the defence systems are on red-alert at all times.
  • Hence there is a panic-stricken expression (Aconite) worn on the face, the body goes into restless spasm and hyper-tension; he experiences seizures (as if literally seized and apprehended) as the nervous system goes into overdrive.
  • The nerves are jangled and stressed due to being so alert, leading to irritability and sensitivity to sudden noises, movements or changes in temperature.
  • Even when there is ‘nothing to worry about’, there is a background foreboding/ expectation that something troublesome lurks around the corner.

The danger driving this agitation could stem from something seemingly innocuous, such as a talk he has to give to work associates. The expectation he has of the event as being a nerve-wracking tightrope he must walk outweighs the reality that he has the ability to come through with aplomb. There may be physiological signs of apprehension, with trepidation expressed in trembling, fidgeting, horror in a white complexion, fear in sweating and desire to escape.

Excess thirst and urination- signs of panic-induced nervous system alterations- flight; ‘get me out of here!!’

Could become gripped/ literally paralysed by fear (Gelsemium)


Opposite expression

Inner peace, calm, tranquillity emanating from self awareness; knowing that your existence is woven into the fabric of life, and that you do not control events beyond your scope, so why worry about what is going to happen. Existing only in each present moment.