Synthesis - Symptom notes - Audacity



  • Willingness to take risks
  • Synonyms
    • Adventurous, daredevilry, brashness, extroverted, forwardness, impertinence, gall, incivility
  • Antonyms
    • Smoothness and ease in personal dealings
    • Cowardly, self-effacing, self-conscious, lacking confidence, introverted, courteous, polite

Situation / characterization

Audacity would be an appropriate response when in a risky/ life threatening situation, where the flight or fight response is activated and action is required. This duality of flight/ fight is present in the meanings of the word, expressed variously as brashness and impertinence through to adventurousness and daredevilry. Responds to situations with a sassiness, as if to say ‘bring it on’.

Someone with an audacious temperament may be addicted to thrills and spills: life in the fast lane (Nux Vomica), climbing the social/ business ladders and, as Del Boy (the wannabe yuppie from Only Fools and Horses) puts it- “he who dares, wins!”. Act first, think later could be this type’s motto. He might be fractious in his personal dealings, willing, as he is, to trample over other people to achieve his own goals. 

With his innate adventurousness positively channelled, it might find expression in an intrepid desire to travel to far-flung corners of the World, disregarding the risk associated with visiting countries that may be in political turmoil or at risk of natural disaster. 

Socially, he may be an outspoken member of a group, presenting brash egocentric ideas in a forward manner. Others will see his behaviour as outlandish/ unprovoked/ arrogant.

This type is unable to resist a challenge, gambling against tremendous odds through his competitive nature and daredevil instincts.

Remedies within this symptom will usually suit a person with a strong choleric component to their nature.

Opposite expression

This type is courteous, polite, gracious and keenly aware of keeping peaceful relations with others.