Synthesis - Symptom notes - Censorious



  • Inclination to judge too severely, to put under the microscope
  • Synonyms
    • Critical, faultfinding, harsh, exacting, cold, judgmental
  • Alternative meaning
    • Censor - to examine and remove parts considered harmful or improper for public transmission - stifle, suppress
  • Antonyms
    • Praise - an expression of warm approval
    • Admiration, commendation, honouring of a deity, celebrate, eulogize, honour, magnify, laudation

Situation / characterization

Censoriousness may be an appropriate posture to adopt in order to protect one’s family from the perceived evils of society, screening out some of the undesirable/ hostile aspects so that they can retain innocence and joy in life. But if life is scrutinized too severely under an increasingly microscopic lens, then negative, pathological tendencies could develop: hyper-criticism, disapproval at the smallest misdemeanour. Imagine a harsh and fault-finding father whose censorious qualities are a valuable asset at work, where they are necessary in editing important state documents (for example). These same qualities transferred to his family, whom he is honourably trying to protect and shield, would eventually lead to having a negative impact on relations, as his children feel stifled/ suppressed and come to resent him.

Opposite expression

To praise is to magnify the glory of God (or pure existence); to give warm approval to those around him, lauding their efforts and magnifying the positive aspects of self-expression and freedom, rather than putting the negatives under the microscope.