Synthesis - Symptom notes - Ecstasy



  • A state of elated bliss; heaven
  • Synonyms
    • Paradise, rapture, seventh heaven, cloud nine, spirited
  • Antonyms
    • Desolate, depressed, melancholy, wistful, dejected, listless, dispirited.

Situation / characterization

  • Loving embrace
  • Post coitus- state of rapture, blissed-out. Connectedness with one’s partner.
  • Being transported to a heavenly realm through coming into contact with the divine. Could be a religious or numinous experience. Prayer/ meditation.
  • Drug experience (hormonal/ chemical change) – ie amphetamine, named ‘ecstasy’. On the drug, you feel connected to others, liberated in psyche and soma, free to act out one’s purpose without restrictions. Unfettered.

Opposite expression

  • The comedown from a drug experience - becoming disconnected, melancholy follows rapture. From the joy of Sanguine to the desolation and isolation of Melancholy. 
    • The gods have let you down; why do you/ or your loved one suffer miserably?
    • Your business fails, your house is repossessed, you’re left in the shadow side of listlessness and depression at the misery of life.
    • The partner with whom you were once deeply in love and able to share in the ecstasy of loving connectedness, becomes disinterested, cold and distant.