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Below you will find the latest installers of RadarOpus.
Please read carefully to choose what best fits your needs.

Unsure what to choose? Read the FAQ below to get you started!
  • What do I do if I have a version older than 2.1?

    We advise to follow the prompts in your RadarOpus to update to each version (under Help menu), until you reach 2.1.13.
    Alternatively you can purchase directly version 2.2 from your local dealer and then download the full installer on this page.

  • Is it compulsory for me to update to 2.2?

    No it isn't!
    We are offering this payable update because it has some great new features, however if you are happy with your 2.1.13 you are welcome to stay with it.
    Click here to find out more about the 2.2 update.

    WARNING: please be aware that 2.1.13 does not run on Mac OS Catalina which is the operating system from Apple released in Fall 2019.
    If you have a Mac and want to use Catalina, you will need RadarOpus 2.2.

  • What is the difference between the "RADAROPUS 2.2", "RADAROPUS 2.1 - FULL" and "RADAROPUS 2.1 - UPDATE" options below?

    You will need 2.1 full if you do a clean install (so if you uninstall your RadarOpus and want to re-install the latest free version)
    You will need 2.1 update if you have 2.0 or 2.1.11 or 2.1.12 and want to update to the latest 2.1 (which is 2.1.13).
    You will need RadarOpus 2.2 if you want the best and latest version of RadarOpus.
    You can use this installer if you have already paid for 2.2, or if you purchased a new RadarOpus AFTER May 1st 2018 (in which case 2.2 comes free of charge).
    If you have a RadarOpus version older than 2.1 please read the FAQ titled "What do I do if I have a version older than 2.1?".

  • Why is 2.2 payable and how does paid support works?

    To find out all this info, please read the the GENERAL FAQ FOR UPDATES on the What's new page.

  • I have paid for my 2.2 through the automated RadarOpus payment platform but I have not received the 2.2. What do I do?

    Please ensure your card payment has actually gone through and contact your local dealer also to check this.
    If card payment has gone through successfully, then the download should happen automatically.
    If it doesn't, once you have confirmation that payment was received successfully, simply click the link below to download RadarOpus 2.2 and ensure you have internet connection when you do.
    If you have paid by bank transfer, the 2.2 will be validated for your account once payment has gone through (which can take up to 7 working days).
    When this is done you can download 2.2 from this page and proceed with the installation.
    If you have purchased from your local dealer, please get in touch with him/her.

  • I have installed RadarOpus 2.2 but the program won't start, what do I do?
    • Ensure you were eligible for the 2.2 update or that your payment has been registered correctly, if unsure please contact your local dealer.
      If according to our systems you are not eligible to a 2.2 then the program will not start.
    • Ensure you have an internet connection when starting 2.2 for the first time.
      If unsure, please contact your local dealer or open a support ticket
  • I have previously installed RadarOpus 2.2.xx and I would like to update to the latest version, what do I do?
    • If you already have a 2.2.xx installed on your device:
      1. Start RadarOpus
      2. Go to the help menu (top right)
      3. Click on "check for program updates"
      4. Download the update

      If nothing happens, click the "Download 2.2" button below to re-install the full RadarOpus 2.2 (your download will contain the latest version).
      This action will take longer because you are re-installing the entire program rather than just installing the update but the result will be the same.
  • How do I switch from a protection dongle to keyless?

    If you own a RadarOpus version 2.2 (or later), you can "move" the security from a dongle directly onto your PC/MAC and vice versa.

    • The advantage of keyless protection is that you don't need to carry around a USB stick, risk software compatibility issues and risk to break the USB stick which is expensive to replace.
    • The advantage of a dongle is that you can take it in and out of any PC/MAC that has RadarOpus installed.

    In version 2.2, if you want to switch, simply contact our tech support and book a session. It's free!

    In version 3.0 and later, you can do this yourself in RadarOpus under the help menu

  • Free MAC OS Big Sur update
  • You are a Mac user with a RadarOpus 2.2.16

    The free update will guarantee you:
    Compatibility with Apple's new Operating System, Big Sur.

    You can use this update before or after updating your Mac to "Big Sur"

  • DOWNLOAD RadarOpus update for "Big Sur"
  • RadarOpus 2.2
  • Choose this if:

    You are renting RadarOpus
    You have purchased the RadarOpus 2.2 update
    You have have been granted the RadarOpus 2.2 update
    You want to update your existing RadarOpus program (A 2.2 license is required)
    You want to install RadarOpus from scratch (A 2.2 license is required)
    You want to Download the full installer of RadarOpus 2.2 (A 2.2 license is required)
  • DOWNLOAD 2.2
    Find out more about 2.2
    RadarOpus 2.2 minimum requirements
  • RadarOpus 2.1 - FULL
  • Choose this if:

    You already own a license (2.0 or previous)
    RadarOpus is not currently installed
    (a 2.0 or previous license is required)
    You will uninstall first
  • Do not choose this if:

    You are renting RadarOpus
    (choose the 2.2 download above instead)
    RadarOpus 2.1 minimum requirements
  • RadarOpus 2.1 - update
  • Choose this if:

    You already own a license (2.0 or previous)
    You want to update your existing RadarOpus install (2.0 or previous)
  • Do not choose this if:

    You are renting RadarOpus
    (choose the 2.2 download above instead)
    You want the latest update
    (choose the 2.2 download above instead)