RadarOpus - Zeus Soft company info

Zeus Soft logoThe company

At Zeus Soft we aim to inspire and empower Homeopaths around the world.
Our groundbreaking software has been a leader in its field for more than 35 years.
Our dedicated team works relentlessly to guarantee you an outstanding software that is capable of satisfying the needs of a Homeopathy student all the way to a very experienced Homeopath.
Our goal is your success.
The software is intuitive, fast and contains the vastest digitalised Homeopathic library in the world.
We also heavily support the Homeopathic community and research in Homeopathy. The future of Homeopathy is based on the quality of research.
If you would like to give a hand yourself, please visit hri-research.org

The team

We have a dedicated team spread across more than 80 countries, with hundreds of people who contribute or have contributed to this project over the years.
Our collaborators vary from technical teams, to resellers, to Homeopaths etc.
We are probably the largest Homeopathic Family on earth...

The core of the internal team is split between our 2 headquarters in the heart of Belgium (Namur, Gent) and 3 different teams in Italy (Verbania, Como, Sorrento), as well as other key team members in USA, the Netherlands and UK.

The key people behind this project are:

  • Prof Aaron To - funder of Zeus Soft
  • Mr. Marco Spiezia - CEO
  • Dr. Frederik Schroyens - Author of Synthesis Repertory and Head of the scientific team
  • Dr. Carlo Rezzani - Creator of WinChip Patient File (embedded in RadarOpus) and head of the Creative team
  • Mr Roberto Mascheroni - Chief Programmer and IT support
  • Mr Lorenzo Vandoni - Chief Project Manager
  • Mrs Sara Hani - Commerce and Marketing
  • Mr. Emilio Mordenti - Chief Programmer
  • Mr Cristopher Burgarello - Programmer and IT support
  • Mrs Malkan Galaeva - Sales
  • Mr Manuel Schroyens - Internal IT
  • An Aerts - Repertory coordinator
  • Gerd Van Brandt - Repertory coordinator
  • Mrs. Christina McPhail - IT support
  • Mr. Luke Norland - Communication
  • Mr. Rene Otter - Internal testing

If you would like to add your Repertory and/or Materia Medica (or similar) in RadarOpus, please contact: