RadarOpus - Families

Learn how to use homeopathic families in your casework using the RadarOpus Family Finder and innovative search tools!

Interview with Anne Vervarcke about her RadarOpus Family Finder!

Essential family themes - Precisely defined and easy to find!

Family Finder - Part 1

Learn how to use this module to help define a group of remedies that match the vital sensation and core experience of your patient. Call upon Anne's vast clinical experience and knowledge of families and small remedies to help in your Homeopathic casework.

Family Finder - Part 2

In-depth guide to the new Family Finder Module by Anne Vervarcke. We also explore the many informative Maps and touch upon the awesome power of our Simple Search tool.

Families classification

This tutorial shows how to access the family classification information in several ways + learn how to search for rubrics of a family in Synthesis.

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