RadarOpus blog - RadarOpus 3.0 has arrived!
Nov 22, 2021

RadarOpus 3.0 is OUT NOW!

We have been working for 2 years on version 3.0 and it is OUT NOW!

  • Our latest version opens the doors to an array of improvements that we hope will make your life easier and your work more qualitative...
    • Add anamnestic symptoms from the patient file to the RadarOpus symptom clipboard without typing**
    • Select your Favorite Keynotes
    • Network Version**
    • Compatibility: v 3.0 is compatible with Windows 8, 10 and 11 and Apple MacOS 10.x up to MacOS 12 – Monterey 
  • Specific features for synthesis
    • Import RADAR10 Logfiles**
    • Add new symptoms to Synthesis**
    • Create Cross-references & Referring rubrics**
    • Create Symptom notes**

  • Use the empty Personal Chapter in Synthesis Adonis to:
    • Add symptoms on the fly**
    • Add clinical rubrics**
    • Create themes with Cross-references to symptoms in Synthesis Adonis**

** Features available with Diamond Engine

Scroll down to discover the new features in our latest version!


  • RadarOpus v3.0 is an intermittent release. Please read our release procedure notes here.
  • Some new features can only be accessed with a Diamond Engine - please click here to see the details.
  • RadarOpus v3.0 is a FREE Live Update to all 2.2 Users. It is a payable update for all earlier versions, and will require a full installation in this case.
    • If you do not have RadarOpus v2.2 and you want to purchase the update, contact your dealer.
  • Synthesis Adonis is a separate, payable update for everyone with Synthesis Treasure Edition. This will be released in stage 2 of our update procedure.
    • Contact your dealer to arrange a pre-sale if you just can't wait!
  • RADAR10 imports
    • Not all operations may be supported.
      • An error listing will suggest which operations you can consider adding manually into Adonis.
    • If the Radar10 logfile was created using some older versions of Synthesis, the import will probably still work but with more errors.
    • If you need help, the Synthesis team is available to assist you transferring your work, you can email your Radar10 logfiles to


Synthesis Editing Tools

Add your own Symptoms to Synthesis!

  • Use the optimized interface which outlines how to follow the established Synthesis symptom format
  • You can add new subrubrics or add new symptom levels as required

Screenshot (185)

Add your own cross-references!

  • Race around Synthesis with even greater ease as you create your own links to similar rubrics!
    • Below is an example where 3 Cross-references were added to the symptom - Delusions - safe; she is not
      • Delusions - danger, impression of
      • Delusions - injury - about to receive; is
      • Delusions -protection, defense; has no


Import your RADAR10 logfiles!

  • RADAR10 logfiles (created in Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009 in any language) can now be imported into Synthesis Adonis
    • Note - RADAR10 logfiles can only be imported into Synthesis Adonis in RadarOpus v3 with a Diamond Engine
    • Note - RadarOpus logfiles (created in Synthesis Treasure Edition) can also be imported into Synthesis Adonis in RadarOpus v3


Add Symptom Notes & web links

  • Customise Synthesis with your own explanatory Symptom notes
    • E.G.
      • Note down a brief summary of a case where the symptom proved to be guiding
      • Note a short differential of the leading remedies in the rubric for later guidance
      • Note the meaning of the word/ clinical name and include a link to an informative website

New Symptom Note

Screenshot (177)

Link to the new Synthesis Online Symptom Notes (which provide detailed explanations)

Screenshot (178)

Opens a web browser with the URL

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 16.36.02

Personal Chapter in Synthesis Adonis

  • Add symptoms (and symptom notes) on the fly!
  • Add clinical rubrics
  • Create themes with cross-references to symptoms
    • E.G.

Create your own Favorite Keynotes

  • Now you can easily create your own favorite Keynotes from any Reference in your entire RadarOpus library!
    • There is no limit to how many references can by added to your ‘Favorites’ and they can be ordered by preference.

    • Fav-updated

  • Example of the Keynotes Module with Vermeulen Concordant Reference set as default
    • Screenshot (181)

Add Symptoms from the Patient File

  • Use the new Symptoms Template to seamlessly add symptoms to the Consultation editor and Clipboard with a few clicks
    • Tick one (or a number of) checkboxes to select relevant symptoms from the patient’s anamnesis

      • PF-import sx

    • The symptoms can be simultaenously imported into the Patient File
      • PF-Sx in text

    • And added to the clipboard for Analysis
      • PF-Sx-Analysis

Network Version

The network version has several features

  • Access to a single database through an Intranet
    e.g. a practice with several doctors and one or more secretaries
  • Enable one or more Homeopaths to access research on all patients in the practice
  • Enable a Homeopath to manage the patients of a colleague for a certain period of time. e.g. Locum work
  • Management of different levels of access to RadarOpus features and functions
    • e.g. limited functions for secretaries.
  • Every change to the database is tracked and stored on the server – accessible simultaneously to all users on the network

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