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Nov 1, 2021

NEW Materia Medica from Kate Birch and Dr Farokh Master + News on the Clificol Long Covid research project!


We have some insightful and practical new content available in RadarOpus to aid your work in the adjunctive treatment of Covid-19. We are also officially launching the Clificol Long Covid research project - as ever, we welcome your active participation in the case collection process so we can continue to gather data on the role of Homeopathy within an integrative healthcare model. 

First up, Kate Birch and her team have made the unprecedented step of conducting a proving of the coronavirus nosode with over 1.000 participants. The Condensed Materia Medica they compiled is now available to add to your RadarOpus program for a very affordable price! They have also been busy making repertory additions to the upcoming Synthesis Adonis based on the findings of the proving, which included participants who were suffering with coronavirus infection. Hence, they were able to record many cured symptoms as a result of the proving.  


Condensed Materia Medica of Novus-CV

Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH, C.HP, Jiuan Heng, CCH, RSHom(NA), C.HP, Crystal Morse, BCN, DNM, C.HP, Shelly Garrison, CCH, C.HP, Cheryl Wood, CCH, RSHom(NA), C.HP, Gabriella Calvi-Rooney, B.S., DSH, C.HP, Ursula Dobelmann, CCH, C.HP. Amy Rozen, RSHom(NA), CCH, C.HP, Ruth Pearson Smith, C.HP.

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Compilation of the proving and repertorization work of Cov-19

  • Free and Healthy Children International (FHCI) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to education, research, and access to homeoprophylaxis (HPx).
    • In February 2020 FHCi was poised to undertake a study of a coronavirus nosode within our family membership.
    • We have over 80 Homeopathic Supervisors and at that time 1500+ family members already participating in the Childhood HPx Program.
    • Over 1150 registrants participated in the coronavirus research.
    • One part of the study was a proving.
      This was the largest proving to date completed by any homeopath or institution around the world, and only the second proving of a nosode during an epidemic.
  • Proving results highlight the effects of the nosode on the immune system and angiotensin system (the primary target of COVID-19)
    • Also mental/ emotional aspects of not only the disease but those borne-out of the sociological and psychological context of the challenges human beings have faced around the world as a result of the pandemic. 
    • The symptom profile manifested and documented in the proving provides a clear understanding of the physiological pathogenesis of the disease and the homeopathic indications for use of the nosode in practice.
    • The positive research results not only provide a cornerstone for the use of nosodes in practice and HPx, but also verify and validate multiple homeopathic tenets surrounding acute and chronic disease, infectious disease, the Law of Similars, and that potentized substances have the capacity to bring on, resolve, and prevent pathophysiological symptoms (proving, cure and HPx).
    • Further research into the use of nosodes will bring expanded acceptance and application homeoprophylaxis throughout the homeopathic profession and the public we serve.
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The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza, Pneumonia and COVID 19

By Dr Farokh Master and Dr Prachi Makwana

Dr Farokh Master and Dr Prachi Makwana give an overview of all the most often used remedies for influenza, pneumonia, and Covid-19, so you can easily differentiate them. 

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  • When the Covid-19 epidemic first reached India, Dr Master, and all other homeopaths in India, were not allowed to treat Covid-19 cases

    • However, because Dr Master not only runs a private homeopathic clinic but also works in a municipal hospital (where patients are treated free of charge), he was invited to treat Covid-19 patients with homeopathy in the municipal hospital.
    • The only condition was that he should not intervene with the conventional treatment.
    • Initially most Covid-19 cases which came to the hospital were quite serious and placed on ventilators in the intensive care unit.
    • This meant that proper homeopathic case taking was difficult, and "characteristic" homeopathic symptoms were few.
    • The first homeopathic prescriptions were therefore based mainly on observation and few objective symptoms.
    • Sometimes there was some additional information which could be obtained from family members.
      When this book went to print, Dr Master had almost a full year's experience working in the IC-unit with Covid-19 cases.


Clificol Long Covid research project

We are now in the process of investigating and cataloging Long Covid cases for research into the adjunctive role of Homeopathy. There are several interesting criteria available in the new Long Covid section of the Clificol website - you can:

  • Specify whether the Acute Covid infection was treated homeopathically or conventionally (or both)
  • Automatically anonymize patient data
  • Copy/ paste repertory symptoms from any Homeopathic Software
  • Copy/ paste the consultation text (optional)

We are using the established ORIDL scale to measure patient outcomes - these are made at intervals of +1 +2 +3 +6 months during course of treatment. Anybody desiring information on the project, and/ or wanting to register can email . Finally, please head to the Clificol website for details of our upcoming webinars so you can join us in collecting data on the adjunctive homeopathic treatment of Long Covid.