RadarOpus blog - Spring Promotion 2022 - Plant Power!
Apr 15, 2022

Spring is here - and so are our superb promotions!


20% OFF - Yakir • Vervarcke • Jansen • Richardson-Boedler • Scholten

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15% OFF - Package 3, Package 4 and Package 5

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Learn more about the Botanical Repertory by Michal Yakir in our latest VIDEO! CLICK

Learn more about the Family Finder by Anne Vervacke in this VIDEO! CLICK

Details for the promotion:

Spring Promo

You can buy items directly from RadarOpus!
From today until April 30th click the SHOP icon 
  • This opens our webshop
  • Promotional items will be at the top!
  • OR - search the name of the item you are interested in
  • The item and its sale price will be displayed 
  • Add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout
  • After you receive your automated email, follow instructions to RESTART RadarOpus
  • If the new item(s) do not appear, contact your representative or support 
    • Yakir's Botanical Repertory needs to be downloaded from our Content Updater following the purchase. In RadarOpus - Click HELP - Check for new content - click twice on the column header 'visible in'.
    • Repertories will be sorted to the top, allowing you to easily see Yakir. Click on the Botanical Repertory to highlight this item.
    • Then click Download.
    • Restart RadarOpus when prompted. 
With love,

Your RadarOpus Team