RadarOpus blog - RadarOpus 3.1 is out now!
May 27, 2022


Drum roll please - We are incredibly excited to announce that RadarOpus 3.1 & Synthesis Adonis have officially been released!


3.1 is ALL ABOUT Synthesis Adonis, and the Homeopathic advances that our new flagship repertory offers!


Synthesis Adonis is a major step forward, offering the fruits of over 12 years work of our team!

wealth of information has been added, many corrections have been executed and some innovative new ideas are included in this version.

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 11.30.45 (2)


Add Adonis to your Homeopathic toolkit TODAY!

Click the images below to see

  • Statistics of the evolution of Synthesis up to the latest version
  • How Adonis compares to Treasure Edition and Complete Repertory
  • Examples of the enormous work we have put into it!


To add Synthesis Adonis - download and install 3.1 HERE!

3.1 is FREE for everyone who owns RadarOpus 2.2 and 3.0!

  • If you own RadarOpus 2.1 or earlier, you first need to purchase the update to version 3 before installing it!
    • In RadarOpus - click on HELP - check for program updates / or contact your dealer for help
      • You will be sent a link to purchase the update to v3.1
      • Then use the link above to install 3.1, which will backup and remove your old version during installation


With 3.1 installed, you can now add Synthesis Adonis to your program!

  • Adonis is a payable update for everyone who owns Treasure Edition!
  • It can also be purchased 'standalone' in case you do not already own Treasure Edition.
  • There are 3 options for purchasing Synthesis Adonis
  •  Just click the Shop icon in RadarOpus (internet connection required)

OR Contact your dealer
OR Log in HERE to visit the webshop (you need your login and password)

In the webshop

  • Type 'Adonis' in the search field.
  • Select update or new purchase as required
  • Complete the purchase with your debit/credit card
  • Restart RadarOpus
  • Use Adonis to solve cases!

Find out What's New in v3.1

    • If you already purchased the pre-release of Synthesis Adonis, then you will be able to use it immediately upon startup of v3.1
    • You can install 3.1 over any version of RadarOpus from 1.43

We are thrilled to be finally presenting Synthesis Adonis to you, and hope this advance will serve you and your patients well.