New Remedy focus - Ficus macrophylla - Moreton bay fig tree

Sep 20, 2022

Angiospermae - Dicotyledons - Hamamelidae - Urticales - Moraceae (Cronquist classification).

Proving - Alastair Gray - 1999

Mappa Mundi diagram by Luke Norland - 2020.

Below the main image, you can view a gallery of some of the important rubrics of this remedy + some of the additions made to Synthesis Adonis


Gray writes the following regarding Tree remedy themes in the introduction to the proving:

• Oldness and frail feelings (personally I can verify and confirm these observations - see the provings of Agathis Australis 1998)
• Duality and feeling double (verified Ficus Macrophylla 1999)
• Floating (verified Ag-Aus, Fi-my, Seq-g)
• Inner emptiness (verified Ag Aus)
• Forsaken (verified Ag-Aus, Fi-my)
• Over production and Sycosis (verified Ag-Aus and Fi-my)
• Death after life
• Eating Disorders (verified Ag-aus, Pseud-m, Douglas Fir)
• Drug like state and euphoria (verified Ag-aus, Thuj, Pseudo-m)
• Fragility (verified Thuj, Seq)
• Forgetfulness (verified Seq, Ag-aus)
• Confusion (verified Seq-g, Ag-aus)
• Reconnection to childhood (verified Seq-g, Ag-aus, Fi-my)
• Exhaustion, Lassitude, Lifelessness
• Deep rejection and yearning and loss (verified Ag-aus)
• Mistakes in work
• Loftyness
• Durability
• Regeneration

Excerpt on Fic-m from an article in Hpathy by Linlee Jordan:

"The woman who survives and does well at the job of protecting and mothering the family but suffers herself. Parents who live “on the edge of the cliff” and survive with little nurturing themselves. Sometimes they obsessively overdo the job of parenting by spreading out their area of compassion. They may be told they are “strangling” their loved ones with over-caring. Someone who suffers with back complaints from holding up the weight of their career and family. The person who becomes irritable, scattered and ungrounded from trying to do too much. People on their feet all day who develop tingling, aching varicose veins, and whose legs feel heavy especially around 2pm in the afternoon."