RadarOpus - Jansen T. The Healing Power of Plants and Trees
Jansen T. The Healing Power of Plants and Trees

A remarkable 2 volume set of Materia Medica 

concise, clear, insightful themes and affinities for many plant and tree remedies!

I see plants as an expression of the cosmic powers that make growth possible. Their individual plant chemistry gives each a unique ability to heal specific organ systems in the human organism. I have come to realise there are no 'small' remedies. We can use the healing power of every member of a given family because the overall theme we have already found in the family picture. I use all the diversity found in nature. As a plantsman, I already had considerable knowledge of the plants and the family they belong to. 

Ton Jansen, Netherlands 2018

  • Discover more about plant kingdoms and less familiar remedies by learning their keynotes
  • Learn the differences between similar remedies to achieve a more accurate remedy choice, with remedy pictures that go beyond what is currently in the repertory

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