• Degroote F. Energetic Remedy Picture

    Degroote F. Energetic Remedy Picture

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    A beautiful graphic module which displays a physiological map of the energetic disturbance of 1.300 remedies!

  • Frei H. Polarity Analysis

    Frei H. Polarity Analysis

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    Get extremely accurate results following Heiner Frei's unique method of working with the Therapeutic Pocketbook!

  • Vervarcke A. Family Finder

    Vervarcke A. Family Finder

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    The Family Finder - an exciting and groundbreaking collaboration between Anne Vervarcke and Frederik Schroyens - Essential family themes - Precisely defined and easy to find!

  • Ortega P. Miasmatic Module

    Ortega P. Miasmatic Module

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    Dr. Ortega's depth of miasmatic knowledge has been incorporated into many of the most important symptoms in Synthesis!

  • Vithoulkas G. Expert System (V.E.S.)

    Vithoulkas G. Expert System (V.E.S.)

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    V.E.S intelligently combines different analysis strategies, giving priority to the smaller rubrics and matching the grading of your patient's symptoms with the grading in the repertory