Earthwise Herbal - The 1st ever integrated software Materia Medica & Repertory for Herbalists & Homeopaths!


  • Herbalists can enhance their efficiency with the ease of digital repertorisation!
  • Homeopaths can enhance their knowledge of plant remedies and Organopathy by embracing the empirical knowledge & decades of clinical experience of Matthew Wood!
  • Clinically verified mother tincture/low potency plant remedy guide Plant knowledge at your fingertips with powerful RadarOpus Analysis tools
  • Match the tissue states to the organs for exact organ prescribing
  • Fully indexed and searchable
  • Extract remedies
  • Combine remedies with word searches
  • Cross symptoms

The RadarOpus edition is radically different from the North Atlantic Books edition!

1. The repertory has been completely reworked. Annotations in the often gigantic rubrics were ALL converted to sub-rubrics.

2. MANY additions were made in many rubrics - especially - I collected from Matthew and my online international circle of friends many remedies for Covid. Matt also wrote one of the best summary timelines of Covid from a healer's perspective I have seen in 3+ years.

3. Many remedies needed nomenclature adjustment or wider differentiation in some symptoms between species variants. 


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