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Degroote F. Dream repertory

Filip Degroote's Dream Repertory

focusing on the art of using dreams to increase the success of your prescribing!

The Dream Repertory contains all Dream information from Synthesis + 150.000 additions.

Using Dream Symptoms

The selection of a dream symptom is based on the approach of the homeopath and how he or she perceives, recognises and interprets something in the dream of the patient which draws his or her attention because it looks like something peculiar or particular (cf. Organon § 153).

Then a fine tuning analysis is necessary to define the item to be found in the Dream Repertory. For this, all our senses and possibilities of creativity are necessary! It also requires some basic knowledge of psychology and especially a wide spread knowledge of our Materia Medica with the application of approaches from different schools.


Example Case

A 59 years old patient comes to see me because of gastro-intestinal troubles.

  • He has bellyache around the navel extending to the right hypochondria, sometimes with an aggravation while eating.
  • He complains also from much flatulence.
  • A queer symptom also is that he has pain at top and above both trochanter major only while walking some distance (tendinitis of both gluteus medius muscles?). 
  • Furthermore, he can tell me the following dreams: 
    • He visits his former workplace (of ten years ago) and looks for someone he had a good relation with.
    • Of the people who now are there he doesn’t know anyone, yet he hears and recognizes the voice of the one he looks for (but doesn’t see that person).
    • Then suddenly that person comes from behind a rack and they are glad to see each other again.
    • They have bought ice-cream in a shop and once home they put it in the freezer.

Selection of Symptoms

Two symptoms from the Dream Repertory are relevant: 
Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 11.55.00


Nat-ch. MK (aka 1.000 K)

Follow up

Two months later I see him back and he tells me that the Gastrointestinal troubles gradually disappeared during the first two weeks after he took the homeopathic medication. 

Now he feels a lot more relaxed and he doesn’t need any further medication. 

Materia Medica of Natrium Choleinicum 


  • Sodium cholate. Cholic acid sodium salt. 
  • C24H39NaO5. Carbon 66.95%; hydrogen 9.13%; oxygen 18.58%; sodium 5.34%. 
  • Produced from purified ox bile, Fel tauri depuratum.  

Materia medica (Boericke W.) 

  • Constipation
  • Pain at nape of the neck
  • Chronic gastric and intestinal catarrh
  • Much flatus
  • Tendency to sleep after eating
  • Jaundice
  • Biliary colic
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Ascites
  • Diabetes mellitus with constipation. 

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As an introduction, watch a 25 minutes interview where Dr. Degroote explains his approach using Dreams.

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