RadarOpus - Roberts' Sensations as if
Roberts' Sensations as if

Roberts' "Sensations as if" is the go-to repertory for solving cases with outstanding strange, rare and peculiar symptoms - especially when the sensation is intensely marked and well-described

"Sensations as if" has many single-remedy-rubrics, written in the pure language of the prover

As Homeopathy is based on matching the detailed account of your patient's symptoms with an equally detailed account of proving symptoms, Roberts' "Sensations as if" is the perfect repertory to have to hand when studying the highly characteristic sensations of a case or remedy.

"Sensations as if" lists all the subjective symptoms of many remedies in a Kentian hierarchical structure

Based on the source texts of Hering, Allen, Clarke, Yingling and Anschutz.


When to use "Sensations as if" in case work?

Roberts' unique repertory can provide useful insights into stuck cases where the customary approach of analyzing the totality yields remedies that have been tried without adequate result.

The Homeopath may wish to use the mulptiple clipboards on offer in RadarOpus to supplement a conventional repertorization of the totality with a second analysis of the characteristic subjective symptoms.

Going straight to the strange, rare and peculiar (as Hahnemann recommends in aphorism 153) can provide an entry point that takes you to the centre of the case, via the most intensely experienced sensation.

"Sensations as if" helps the Homeopath learn about small remedies

  • For example, the remedy Samarskite - which was proven by Boger, has precious few symptoms in the literature.
    • Yet in Roberts' repertory, we find some very useful indications for this under-used remedy:
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