You can now enjoy having far more kingdom and family data at your disposal to solve cases in RadarOpus

Many more remedies have been added to these categories:

  • Viruses (including covid 19)
  • Bacteria
  • All Animal groups updated
    • Included a simpler division of Invertebrates and Vertebrates in accordance with the Evolution Method approach of categorization.
  • Cronquist plant classification – including remedies listed at the level of Order and Subclass
  • Imponderables
  • Fungi
  • Organic compounds (e.g. for Morrison's Carbons)
  • Analogic groups
    • Predator
    • Prey
    • Sarcodes
    • Gemstones
    • Lianas and Vines
    • Celestial bodies
    • Sugars

Examples: here you can see that all remedies in the Magnoliidae subclass have been copied upwards to create a super rubric. This makes it easier to drag and drop the rubric to an Analysis.



Many more Viruses and Bacteria have been added to create super rubrics.



There is now a useful single rubric for all Invertebrates.



In a similar fashion, there is now a single rubric containing all the Vertebrates.



There are also single rubrics for Predatory and Prey animals.



The new version of this repertory will sit in the background, enhancing your overall experience of RadarOpus, particularly if you refer to families in your practice.