Your fully-fledged Practice Management tool

Our patient file boasts a comprehensive feature set, now including full GDPR & HIPAA compliancy down to the fine print! The patient file comes packed full of useful tools:

Store all patient data safely, securely and privately.

Grade & tag symptoms according to your own understanding of the case. You can even edit and add your own tags then filter the case to show only certain expressions or only bold type symptoms.


Save prescriptions, pathologies, potency and posology so you always know where you are in the case.

Save details of any allopathic prescriptions, vaccinations, hospitalizations and more.

Evaluate the remedy response according to the Glasgow scale.

Search all your patient files by symptoms, address, age, and more.

Attach files such as jpg, video, PDF and word.

Audit your patients with a graphical representation for statistical analyses.

Invoice patients and send emails directly from the program.

Congress mode hides patient’s names so you can present cases securely.


Set up your own Homeopathic research simultaneously with other research groups anywhere in the world according to your own protocols.

  • Uploading cases
    • A free Website interface developed so that cases can be submitted without using WinCHIP RadarOpus
    • WinCHIP Opus software: the users have a one button function to upload cases and search cases
  • Security
    Clinical cases are encrypted and transmitted anonymously from the homeopaths consulting room to the central database via the HTTPS-protocol
  • Researching cases
    You can do a simple search for cases of a certain remedy or pathology
  • Free of charge
    You can upload and search cases free of charge