Synthesis - 9.0

Synthesis 9.0 integrated the Boger-Bönninghausen Repertories

9.0 features

  • Boger-Bönninghausen Repertories integrated

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    The major Repertory work of these pioneer homeopaths has been fully integrated into Synthesis.

  • New Separate Repertories

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    A number of separate repertories, which can be used independently, accompany Synthesis 9. Most of this information has already been integrated into Synthesis as well.

  • Source information vastly increased

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    All Synthesis additions coming from the four b-bg repertories contain the original text of the source.

  • Remedies copied to analogous superrubrics

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    Remedies of subrubrics were copied to the analogous (similar) superrubrics in the Mind chapter.

  • Substantial new information

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    A lot of new information is presented, including classical sources and contemporary information.

  • Four New Concept Chapters

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    Concepts help you to more easily find symptoms in Synthesis. Four new concept chapters bring thousands of new concepts and a greater ability to find physical, mental, pediatric and Latent Psora symptoms.

  • A Dramatic Leap in Quantity over Synthesis 7

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    Synthesis 8 saw a big leap in new information entering the repertory.

  • Clinically Confirmed Experience

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    Synthesis brings the best of both worlds - classical and contemporary - provings and clinical confirmation.

  • Additions from Classical Sources

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    Extensive additions of all nosodes, including the bowel nosodes and more!

  • Unprecedented Access to New Provings

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    10,000+ Symptoms from the works of Jan Scholten and more contemporary masters!