• Matthew Wood - Earthwise Herbal Materia Medica & Repertory

    Matthew Wood - Earthwise Herbal Materia Medica & Repertory

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    Matt has long kept a hand in the homeopathic camp learning many herbal remedies from homeopathy that had been lost to herbalists and now returning the favor by adding to the vast homeopathic collection of remedies!

  • Neesgaard, Per

    Neesgaard, Per

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    Per Neesgaard graduated as a Classical Homeopath in 1984. He has had a full-time homeopathic practice for 35 years and has published several insightful works in RadarOpus!


  • André Saine

    André Saine

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    Dr. Saine is known as a homeopathic scholar based on his in-depth studies of the great masters and his practice of pure Hahnemannian homeopathy

  • Anne Vervarcke

    Anne Vervarcke

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    Anne Vervarcke is a much sought after Homeopath since 1989 - she was originally trained in the Arts, graduated in Oriental Philology and Anthropology and later took courses in classical Homeopathy

  • Farokh Master MD

    Farokh Master MD

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    Dr. Master is one of the most successful contemporary homeopaths and is considered one of  the most experienced clinicians in homeopathy

  • Vermeulen F.

    Vermeulen F.

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    Frans Vermeulen is recognised throughout the homeopathic world as an author, lecturer and authority on materia medica

  • Jeremy Sherr

    Jeremy Sherr

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    Jeremy Sherr studied at the College of Homoeopathy, London. He simultaneously completed a degree in Acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine and has a global practice

  • Peter Tumminello

    Peter Tumminello

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    About Peter Tumminello - the Homeopathic authority on Gemstone remedies!

  • Liesbeth Ellinger

    Liesbeth Ellinger

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    Liesbeth Ellinger is a Homeopathic Vet who is highly motivated to solve the problem of antibiotic overuse with Homeopathic remedies

  • Constantine Hering

    Constantine Hering

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    Constantine Hering - the 'Father of Homoeopathy' in America