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RadarOpus: Revolution at your fingertips

  • Mini
  • The Mini engine will help you get started at a cheap price!
  • Search, take and analyze Repertory symptoms
  • Search and read Materia Medica symptoms
  • Create and edit patient files
  • Each patient file includes administration, text and analyses
  • 1 symptom clipboard
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  • Easy
  • The Easy engine has many more features to make your life easier!
  • Plus Mini engine
  • Limit repertory search to a search area
  • Free books
  • Free maps (teacher's wizards)
  • Default Repertory Views
  • 3 symptom clipboards
  • Editing tools: import logfiles, add translation
  • > 5.500 families
  • Limit analysis to a family
  • Search remedy and pathology in patient files
  • Link to Clificol (clinical online database)
  • Zoom in and out
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  • Light
  • Perfect for the young professional with many patients!
  • Plus Easy engine
  • Multiple search windows
  • Add single books on the fly
  • Create and edit own Repertory Views
  • Create and edit own concepts
  • 12 symptom clipboards
  • Editing tools Synthesis
  • Analyze by families
  • Search in all patient data
  • Easily Skype and mail patient
  • Add 3 tags to consultation text symptoms
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  • Pro
  • Everything you will ever need and more!
  • Plus Light engine
  • Add Materia Medica symptoms to analysis
  • Exchange own Repertory Views
  • Editing tools: Import own documents
  • Editing tools: Add MM text when adding remedy to Synthesis
  • Add and edit own families
  • Export patient data to CSV file
  • Analyze patient data (e.g. frequency of prescription of a remedy)
  • Manage patient's billing information
  • Add all tags to consultation text symptoms
  • Add images to patient file
  • Bookmarks in Repertory and Materia Medica
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